KINGTON established in 2013,KINGTON INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. manufacture mobile screen protectors to prevent your smart mobile devices from hurting to a wide range of retailers and wholesalers for various applications. Due to the essentials in our life, the function with innovative simplicity design and selective durable materials used to fit different individual's needs. The fantastic function such as anti-smear, anti-scratch, anti-finger, protect your eye, anti-peep etc which allows us always design products that not only our customers need it, but desire of it.

To provide competitive price and high quality cut film to content our clients' request, we have our own special precision cutting machine to reduce cost and defect as well. It has also been precisely custom cut to provide perfect fitting for your specified device. We believe the 100% perfection comes from 100% quality satisfaction, 100% good service, and 0% flaw.

  • Professional knowledge
  • Intimate service
  • Excellent products
  • Substantial price
  • Forward-looking vision

The future of KINGTON is very bright as the company continues to break barriers and develop innovation. We're looking for world-wide valued customers and hope to establish long-term and trust-worthy relationships to create mutual benefit and grow up together!